Review Policies

I feel grateful about designers who send me their items to post, but I'd like to clarify a few things:
First, I post as a hobby, not as an obligation. That means, my RL goes first. I'm a busy woman in RL and i have liabilities to do. Secondlife is secondary to me.
If you decide to send your items to me please be patient. I only post on weekends, don't push me to publish right away your stuff because it won't happen. Therefore, if you send me your items please have this in mind. I'll try to post everything you send to me.
Regarding to designers who send me invitations, and who need me to blog their items urgently: I do not live in Secondlife.
I also want to point out the following:
I reserve the right to decide whether posting the items that I found not look me in my favor or not suitable to my style.
All this said, thanks to all designers to support me and my work, who send their items kindly and patiently
Thank you.

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